Keeping School Zones Safe


SaferSpeeds’ school zone speed enforcement systems deliver effective solutions to decrease speeding and increase the safety of school zones and surrounding communities.

SaferSpeeds embodies a commitment to community safety, with a focus on developing innovative technologies and solutions to address the ever-present issue of speeding and reckless driving. By leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, SaferSpeeds aims to provide law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to enforce speed limits effectively and deter dangerous driving behaviors.

How Can SaferSpeeds Help?

Administer traffic studies to identify locations in need of safety measures.

Assist in drafting the required ordinance to authorize camera installations .

Navigate the intricate paperwork and permits required for implementation.

Conduct a 30 day public awareness program to educate drivers.

Provide the provisions, installation and maintenance of the camera equipment.

Perform all back office support throughout the entire citation life cycle.

Complete Enforcement Solutions

Community Awareness

SaferSpeeds will provide materials to support a community awareness campaign, giving residents timely and accurate messaging and education regarding the mission, times, and locations of school safety zones.

Violator Funded Programs

Fund and expand designated community safety initiatives and your speed enforcement program with the citations issued to violators without needing to increase taxes or cut other public safety services.

Citation Processing

SaferSpeeds’ automated speed enforcement equipment captures essential information about violators, transmitting the data for administrative review before forwarding it to Law Enforcement to issue citations.

Service and Support

Trust SaferSpeeds to deliver exceptional service and unwavering support from the initial concept and design to the seamless implementation of your school zone speed enforcement program.

What Makes SaferSpeeds Better

Cutting Edge Equipment

With swift installation to expedite safety improvements, these systems achieve multiple safety goals using a single roadside sensor. Automated systems gather extensive data and utilize advanced analytics to deliver real-time violation alerts and traffic analysis.

Remote Monitoring

Ensure the seamless operation of your speed enforcement systems by remotely monitoring the real-time status of systems in the field, with the capability to autonomously execute corrective measures by remotely deploying actions to resolve issues.

Dedication to Community

With extensive experience in servicing law enforcement agencies, SaferSpeeds develops innovative solutions that promote public and officer safety. SaferSpeeds is dedicated in ensuring safer roads and ultimately protecting the well-being of our communities.

How SaferSpeeds’ School Zone Speed Enforcement Works

Let SaferSpeeds help keep your community moving safely.

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SAFERSPEEDS’ school zone speed enforcement systems deliver effective solutions to decrease speeding and increase the safety of school zones and surrounding communities.

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