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What Do You Need to Know?


Florida House Bill 657 empowers municipalities and counties to implement automated speed enforcement systems in school zones. The bill details program requirements and procedures, spanning from installation through the resolution of the citation lifecycle.


As of July 1, 2023 HB 657 is in effect, and the Florida Department of Transportation has until December 31, 2023, to provide specifications for equipment and installation. Contact SaferSpeeds now to schedule a demo and initiate a school zone speed enforcement program in the new year.


Leveraging vast expertise in serving law enforcement, SaferSpeeds creates innovative solutions for public and officer safety with industry-leading speed enforcement solutions. SaferSpeeds is committed to increasing safety of school zones and the surrounding communities.

SaferSpeeds’ Commitment

Deter Unsafe Speeds

By combining a community awareness program, digital speed limit signage, and efficient citation issuance,  SaferSpeed’ speed enforcement system modifies driver behavior, ensuring safer school zones.

Enforce Traffic Laws

SaferSpeeds’ speed enforcement system adheres to state and local laws, effectively identifying unsafe speeds and capturing vehicle images and data for accurate issuance of citations.

Keep School Zones Safe

By promoting awareness, detecting violations, and enforcing safer driving speeds, SaferSpeeds aims to protect pedestrians, children, and drivers, fostering a safer community environment.

Keeping School Zones Safe

With cutting-edge cameras and advanced technology at its core, SaferSpeeds’ School Zone Speed Enforcement solutions go beyond mere monitoring to actively discourage speeding and promote responsible driver behavior through automated speed enforcement measures. SaferSpeeds provides fixed systems carefully engineered for optimal performance in temporary and permanent school zone deployments.

Ensure the safety of your students, pedestrians, and communities by implementing an advanced license plate recognition camera that utilizes cutting-edge optics, advanced video analytics, and comprehensive support from SaferSpeeds. Together, we can keep our kids safe.

Let SaferSpeeds help keep your community moving safely.

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SAFERSPEEDS’ school zone speed enforcement systems deliver effective solutions to decrease speeding and increase the safety of school zones and surrounding communities.

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